with a bang….


Had some time off over the last few weeks but I’m back now busy as ever.

I kicked it off the with a underrated marque a SAAB 93 Aero, this fantastic saloon has a 2.8 Turbo V6. It started with 246bhp, we gave it a strong bespoke tune to take full advantage of it, giving it an extra 45bhp and torque up 90nm. Bringing this car right up today keeping up with the VXR and GTi of the last few years.

With Korean cars making a huge impact on the market over the last few years, by improving their reliability and aesthetics. People are looking to increase the performance of these. This Kia Sorento owner wanted a little bit more, so I gave him more, taking this SUV from 194bhp to 227bhp and extra 70nm of torque. Due to latest in Anti Tune software the ECU was removed and  tuned via the ECU joint’s

If you want your vehicle to be more efficient and have more power and torque, and gain over an extra 10mpg. Then Rapid Remapping could be the answer you have been looking for, please call 07940462224 or look us up one Facebook @rapidremapping


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Not only do we do bespoke tuning we also do FREE map analysis, on any previous remaps to see if we can do better (and we always do). This E90 BMW 325d came to us asking for more power and it was smoking since the last “remap”. When reviewing the downloaded map, I noticed not a lot had changed (some had edit fuel pressure and added a little more boost pressure).  After a few minutes with the new more power tune on, the difference between before and after was like night and day, one happy customer. With a now report 12MPG additonal, He is more than happy, with power now at around 250bhp and torque up 85nm and huge increase in MPG. This remap will pay for itself.

Up next is one of my favorite executive saloons, the Jaguar XF 2.7d. Being a huge Jaguar fan these are amazing vehicles, have an excess of comfort and power. The owner wanted more of everything Power, Torque and MPG, so I made his wishes come true. Having the latest in Bosch engine management, it has Anti Tune installed. A quick lift of the bonnet, remove the under bonnet Air Bag, and few bolts the ECU was out and ready for the Rapid Remapping treatment. Taking this Jaguar to a new level of bespoke performance and efficiency


What an honour

Yet again a fantastic week at Rapid Remapping, even getting a lung infection doesn’t stop me getting out most evenings this week. Another amazing array of vehicles wanting to be more efficient, thus giving their owners more power and more MPG.

We repaid a visit to a car from the previous week which had connection issue’s with some new probes and we had lift off. These are one of the trickiest to do using 8 probes on the board, takes a steady hand and a lot of patience, but the end results are fantastic turning these family saloons in to what feels like a hot hatch, with an additional 35bhp and torque up 70nm means this car has just under 200bhp

And I started this week with a trip up the M25 to do tune one of my favourite vans, and one of the best looking van’s I think out there. He had a 125bhp version, and it was speed limited as well. Doing these it requires removing the headlight,  drilling out the security bolts Ford fit to stop the ECU being removed, and going direct on to the ECU board itself.

Having a  Performance Tune and Speed Limit removal mean’s he is no longer stuck at the factory limits. But instead is more than keeping up with the rest of the traffic on the motorways. He gained an impressive 30bhp and 60nm of torque, making it faster and more efficient to move materials and tools to site.


Also this week, I had the privilege of doing this great Peugeot 308cc, it uses a 1.6 Turbo engine, meaning there is some great scope to tune this engine.  But with all things related to cars they do like through in the curve ball, being a 2010 it should have been a OBD tune, but being late 2010 it turns out they installed anti tune software so again, I whipped the ECU and split it, again this used only 1 probe and wires connect to the main harness port. But being awkward we had to wait for a driver to come back from the software company. but two days later all tuned and ready to go. Taking the BHP up to 185bhp and the torque a massive gain of 60nm for a such a small petrol engine.

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Then on to one of my most favourite place’s in the UK, Goodwood home of Rolls Royce, and Goodwood Racing Circuit and my favourite motor show Revival. This Navara’s owner has an amazing job of restoring and repairing airplane’s he wanted his Navara to have a more linear power band, and to increase his fuel economy. This one is a simple OBD port the 2.5dci can feel a little low on power in these 2 ton vehicles. But giving it an additional 35bhp it takes it 205bhp and torque up 60nm, the client noticed straight away how much better the power delivery was.


The last job of the week, was another car, I like the look of is the Ford Kuga this is a 2.0 tdci engine with 135bhp, we took it up to 165bhp and the torque up 65nm meaning this family car should be able to keep up with old rep mobiles on the motor way. This client wanted have the power delivered lower down for ease of getting around the country roads. so the performance tune was designed with that in mind. This is the same as the Navara its all done through the OBD port.


Up the tempo

What a week its been busy travelling all over Hampshire and Berkshire, making people happy and reinvigorating their cars, van’s and a jet ski


The SeaDoo was first.

Its a 2015 SeaDoo RXT-X, this required the ECU to be removed from the engine, bay opened up to get to the right connectors, and get ready to read the file off, when I got the file off located the GPS Limiter, RPM Limiter and Throttle Ratio and made some adjustments, removing the GPS limiter so now it can reach top speed, increased the RPM Limiter to a safe 8450rpm, throttle ratio was adjusted to 1:1 ratio, upped the boost and sorted out  fueling/ignition tables to suit, gaining around 15bhp and 20nm of addtional torque!

Next was a 2014 Transit Custom 2.2tdci

This also required the ECU removal, Opening and going straight on to the ECU again, accessing the ECU required the drilling out the security bolts holding the ECU on.

Then we read of the software on the ECU, adjusting the boost pressure and the fueling to suit. Giving it a healthy 30bhp and 60nm of torque.

“Hi Liam, I just wanted to say thank you for coming over and remapping my van.( I hope you didn’t get frost bite! )
Too soon to find out mpg gain but performance wow!
I filled up with diesel, and I had all my tools and materials for the next job and this thing is flying!
Thank you”  A review from the owner of the Transit Custom…..


Also I did a fantastic Italian hot hatch Fiat Grande Punto Arbarth, pictures to come.

I also had a 530d come in for a Performance Tune, and he was more than with the power and extra fuel economy.

Great work by Liam .the car is quicker and gain 10 miles per gallons .
Win win situation ,
Bring the 330 next .
Thanks again .  A review from the owner of the BMW 530d


If you want to know more or book in to get he same level of service and satisfaction, and want to save money on fuel, or just get to work or home quicker.

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Power Issue’s

bmw smoking


Tuning gone wrong, tuning issues? Great care is taken at Rapid Remapping to ensure all our tuning and ecu remapping is of the very highest quality, our tuning  needs to deliver complete satisfaction in every case. But, sadly not all tuners and remapping services are the same ? In fact some are really quite terrible, its easy to make a great website that promises the earth, but sadly all too often customers only find out the tuning and remapping is not all it is cracked up to be after the tune is installed.

Tuning not quite what you were expecting?

Car tuning dealers also get mislead, being promised great tuning files, and great service from their tuning partners ? Only to find out the service is poor, the tuning files don’y work, or the back up and support is not all it was meant to be.

This can give the tuning industry a poor reputation, smoking cars, cars with flats spots, hesitation, poor running, warning lights on, and in the worst case cars that don’t start at all!


I purchased this thing on e-bay and now my car will not start? sadly yes, this happens every single day.  Do not panic – we are here to help, genuinely ? we are here to help!


If you have been a victim of poor tuning, have a car that is not running, or not performing correctly after tuning and remapping, and your tuner can’t or will not assist we can help.

All this is free for an initial inspection and ECU read.

Please feel free to email rapidremapping@gmail.com or call 07940462224


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